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Over the past decade our male native Woodcock numbers have declined by some 30% to just 55,000 across the whole of Britain.

Our mission is thus to promote the Conservation of Woodcock in the UK.

Our objectives are four-fold:

1) To encourage people to refrain from shooting this special little bird until populations recover.

2) To inspire all of us to “tread” more lightly on our environment and wildlife, appreciating and respecting our Woodcock and other wild species as a special and rare sight and doffing our caps as they pass, with a warmer feeling in our hearts!

3)  To support the research currently being undertaken by GWCT; and lobby GWCT to produce a Guide as to what numbers per (say) 100 acres constitute a sustainable population of natives and a directive on how many may be shot as a percentage of that population per annum.

4) To commission and fund research into the optimum habitat for Woodcock and to work with and sponsor supportive Landowners to manage such woodland requirements.

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Season of frosts and wild Woodcock;
Close-breasted friend to brook and stream,
With feathers soft and preened,
she lies amidst some leafy screen.
And sometimes, in melancholy flight,
Meanders, oblivious to pending plight.

Hunters tread, where once did yield a mossy bed,
To fill the sky with hungry lead.
There is no place to rest
Beat pinions; two and fine
Are plucked;
And now another crest enshrine.

Where once a-plenty,
Now so few.
What injury brings them to you?

And soon there could be none.
What have we gone and done?

Charles W Pinckney 2017

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