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Article: Gun Trader Jan 2 2018

Article:Don’t shoot – woodcock numbers in ‘real trouble’, say conservationists” Daily Telegraph Dec 17 2017

Article: “Shooter’s Plea for Woodcock Protection” Shropshire Star Dec 10 2017


Owners of Game Estates are among some of the first members of The Woodcock Trust, where we are trying to change attitudes, winning “hearts & minds” to inspire people to simply enjoy seeing these wonderful and rare birds and doffing ones cap to them!

Enclosed below are a few of the quotes I have received from local people.

The Woodcock Trust’s principles are forward thinking so that there we have a long term sustainable population. To think that by only shooting the species when migrant woodcock arrive will help protect our population is a absurd. Even the migrants this year have had a poor breeding season due to a wet spring. Action needs to be taken immediately to investigate the declines and let our birds recover

We run a small farm shoot in Herefordshire with only a few native woodcock residing in our woodland.  We would love to see more of these elegant long-billed game birds and fully support the Woodcock Trust in their endeavours to preserve and improve the woodcock population across the country.  As shoot owners we feel it is our responsibility to protect where possible our native bird species when they are under threat which is why we joined the Woodcock Trust

David Rees

Thank you Charlie, I hope you will share in our excitement that we spotted two woodcock this Friday on our shoot and enjoyed watching them fly over the guns with no threat of being shot. A lovely warm and somewhat new feeling to many attending

Craig Dyson

It gives as much a pleasure seeing these delightful birds weave their flight path thru the winter woods, doffing ones cap as they fly past, wishing them farewell, as it is to shoot at them.

Frank Bury
Owner Millichope Estate

I have joined as a member of The Woodcock Trust and we fully support the aims and objectives to promote the conservation of this rather special bird.

Indeed we have stopped shooting Woodcock on our estate in Shropshire as a result of Charlie Pinckney’s efforts in promoting their plight.

Mark Wiggin
Owner of The Downton Estate
Ludlow, Shropshire