Why Woodcock are Special

The Bird is special for 10 reasons:

  1. It is weirdly very beautiful!…also known as “The Snipe of The Woods”!!
  2. It is rare – only some 50,000 Native Pairs in the UK!
  3. It is very private – to the point of being reclusive, until disturbed!
  4. Very Loyal to it’s home / breeding territory
  5. Has a unique mating ritual called “Roding”
  6. Is extremely “sporting” in that it flies fast and in a jagged / jinking motion
  7. It is also Tasty! A cross between a partridge and a grouse!
  8. Like Grouse, It cannot, as far as I know, be reared and released like pheasant or partridge. So once it is gone it is GONE!!
  9. It can open the tip of it’s beak to snare a worm when the whole beak is underground!
  10. Finally – and possibly most interesting point of all – it reputedly carries it’s young in flight when disturbed!  between its legs or on its back!  This has been witnessed by many “Countrymen” but never captured on film!  I know of no other bird which does this!